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Rustic Cedar Solid Top Dining Table Group--Dining Top Dining TableoodUFInish.com is one of the last true unfinished stores. As members of the Unfinished Furniture Association we take pride in selling only the top manufacturers of true hardwood unfinished furniture. Many of our lines are proudly made in the USA and our staining service is performed by true American craftsmen, who bring years of pride, experience and tradition into their work.

Unfinished furniture has had a long history in America and unfortunately in today's hectic world a lot of the unfinished furniture lines are disappearing and styles are being lost and replaced by the quick satisfaction of finished, mass produced furniture lines. However we would like to remind you of the advantages of unfinished furniture. The quality is staring you in the face, without a coat of stain and finish there is no where to hide blemishes or wood weaknesses. Many finished lines have patched or glued parts and you never know until the wood breaks from these imperfections. Unfinished manufacturers have to choose wood that is from the prime run from the mills instead of the seconds or thirds.

Also the ability to match existing furniture is a huge benefit for many people. Finished stores can't possibly stock the number of stains that exist with all the stain and paint vendors in the world, so they pick a top ten or less and then everyone has to pick which one of the 10 colors best suits them. We feel color uniqueness makes a house a home, don't box yourself into one of ten; broaden your possibilities by staining your unfinished piece yourself with one of the thousands of colors that are available in the world.

American pride in their craftsmanship is legendary throughout the world. We may have lost some of the traditions but we don't need to let every one fade into history. Staining a piece of furniture is a great way to teach children patience, follow through, responsibility, pride in work; all the great things we learned through very similar experiences. In addition to being a great family activity, there are most likely other people like us out there, people who find their time would be better used to create something of your own to be passed through generations rather than watching TV or some other mindless activity.
Rock Series Platform Bed Frame
Rock Series Platform Bed Frame
Heart-of-the-Kitchen Island
Heart-of-the-Kitchen Island
Bamboo Cutting Board
Bamboo Cutting Board
Donald Dean & Sons Table
Donald Dean & Sons Table
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